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WarwickPlace, LLC provides international strategy consulting for law firms.


ReBranding • Website


WarwickPlace is a one-man firm, and while this one man is an Ivy-Educated Lawyer, elegant, highly intelligent in international law, and has an honorable reputation with his clients, his old website was folksy and branded him as a minor player in the industry. He needed a website that represented his firm’s broad abilities and one that showed him as a formidable player on the international stage. The new brand and website needed the appeal to invite larger and more substantial leads.


We created a beautiful and substantive website that, on the home page and inner pages, shows many of the international markets he serves. We chose a few images of major international cities, made them back and white, and colored one element in the pic to stand out on the remaining black and white image. This made the website and image pop. On the homepage, the images rotate above the fold.

Overall, the website now positions WarwickPlace as it is, a world leader in “international strategy for law firms”. It no longer says “I’m a one-man shop”. It now says, “we are a substantial firm with a broad service offering in a niche vertical of the international legal strategy consulting industry.


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Client: WarwickPlace

Tags: Branding, Web

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