Maurice Beer, MD

Project Description

Dr. Maurice Beer is an Internal Medicine doctor specializing in Functional Medicine in NYC, NY.


Branding • Website Design • Slogan


Dr. Maurice Beer is one of the best and only Internal Medicine doctors also offering Functional Medicine in NYC, yet nobody knew because he had no website describing his unique services.  He also wanted to keep his existing Internal Medicine (primary & urgent care) patients, while growing his Functional Medicine patient base but was confused about how to rebrand himself.  The challenge was to appear as both an Internal Medicine – Primary Care doctor so he could retain his old patient base, and tell old and new patients he also offered Functional Medicine.  Ultimately, he wanted to stand out from his Internal Medicine competition, and attract new patients to his Functional Medicine service.

We came up with the brand messaging INTERNAL MEDICINE REDEFINED, and the descriptor, to appeal to all patients, and give him the opportunity to upsell his existing primary & urgent care patient base to more comprehensive Functional Medicine treatments.  Then, we designed and helped him write and launch his website.

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